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I didn't see it before,I don't know how though,it's so prominent. I know,it looked really fresh. I've seen all others,that one on one of the first concerts as well,that someone sent you I think. Damn,I have a lump in my throat,it just breaks my heart because even though we know bits and pieces of what the boys are put through,I'm afraid of the stuff we don't,I feel like a momma bear right now. Good thing they have each other and I hope it'll be enough because who knows when will it get easier :(
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Yeah, these moments are when I start to get really overwhelmed too. It’s totally that protective momma bear thing. You have that completely right!!! There are some days I want it to be like 10 years later so we can start to hear more about what they’ve actually been put through, but at the same time, I get the feeling that it will be really bad. I seriously want to start a collection for a deserted island just for the five of them and their families to get away to. No paps, no fans, no MM. Nothing. Just them and time to live and breathe for a bit. Ugh.


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