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[A/N: It’s taken me a long time to get post together, because honestly I’ve never seen Zerrie as anything more than a bromance. She may be my favorite of all the beards. I’m leaving that opinion open for changing my mind later though. (Mind changed, I’m no longer a Perrie fan.) I think that Perrie was brought in to make Zayn look straight and to advance the careers (ie money) of Little Mix. It’s a relationship built by public relations, imho. So read on at your own peril. I’m a Ziam shipper and that won’t change. If you’re a Zerrie shipper, that’s cool, but please don’t try to change my mind on this. You just won’t. All right then, we all on the same page?]

Perrie and Zayn - A Ziam Masterpost

Fuck me

Yeah, I’m going here, too

Rumors of Zayn’s sexuality 

Let’s start this pre-X Factor. When Zayn (Zain then) was just another teen from Bradford, UK. A teen who was starting to garner attention that he was possibly gay or bisexual. You can read an anon observation of this time on this analysis (X)

Now let’s fast forward to the X Factor and the roller coaster that became 1D

Other relationships

Zayn started dating Geneva Lane (an X Factor contestant) shortly after the X Factor aired live in the UK. Zayn confirmed the relationship in December 2010 (X)  but they broke up shortly after that

Then there was Rebecca Ferguson (season seven X Factor runner up). They dated for four months and broke up in July 2011. Later Rebecca alleged that Zayn had cheated on her, further solidifying his *cough*bullshit*cough* Bradford Bad Boy image

And then there was…

Perrie Edwards

Perrie first showed up on the scene as part of the XFactor, and came on Directioners radar when it was rumored that Perrie and Zayn had kissed in December 2011 (interestingly enough, the exact same time that the Bravo Portugal article where Zayn said he and Liam had kissed came out). Anybody else noticing a pattern here? So far, Zayn is supposedly three for three on dating chicks from the X Factor…

Anyway, so now we go into January of 2012

Ruth Payne tweet

Wtf you’re probably saying right now. What does Liam’s sister have to do with any of this? Weeeellll, apparently we’re not the only ones who ship Ziam


Ruth tweeted this in January 2012. And coming on the heels of the Bravo kiss admission and the fact that Zayn was single, MM had to be scrambling to find the appropriate cover for Zayn

Because in March things started to shift between Zayn and Liam. We had the right-next-to-you-liam moment


then the mark on Liam’s neck as they left Australia (where Danielle was conspicuously absent and admittedly stalking photos of her bf) (X)


this gif from New Zealand



So naturally, something had to be done to prove Zayn was straight as a fucking arrow, and in late April/May 2012 the Zerrie “relationship” went official.

April 27, 2012 (X) the Zerrie show opens with a couple of tweets between Perrie and Zayn. Is it just me or does everyone else just feel awkward on Zayn’s behalf?

May 23, 2012 brought us the HQ pics of Zayn and Perrie on a scooter outside his house while he waited to be picked up by the boys who were leaving on the North American leg of the UAN tour (X) And again I cringe. I mean that quite literally. Zayn just looks so awkward with her


Pretty sure this has to be the most unromantic goodbye kiss in the history of the universe. His body language says so much


*le sigh*

Then during a Today Show interview on May 30, 2012 (X), Zayn confirmed he was dating Perrie. Skip to 4:03 and just watch Zayn reluctantly raise his hand when asked who has girlfriends. His face says it all

Ugh. My heart breaks for him :’(

But the UAN tour went into full swing and Liam and Zayn were left with night after night with each other, and (as well know) this is when things started to really change


(Read my Payzer timeline here for more details on what happened in June between Liam and Zayn. This month is significant to their changing relationship)

Louis and Zayn talk about having beards (X) Real subtle, boys

Zayn and Liam went on a movie date in Chicago



Zayn sat next to Perrie at the Olympics (and also Katherine, Perrie’s bff, more on that later in this post)


Perrie celebrated Eid with Zayn and his family (aka the picture where Zayn has his hand on Perrie’s shoulder, not around her waist, while we have sooo many pics of Zayn’s hand firmly gripped around Liam’s hip and waist, just an observation)


Perrie became a convenient excuse for Zayn. He used her to explain away why he didn’t go to the V Festival in August with other boys (and Daniele and Eleanor btw) and then also why he didn’t attend Liam’s birthday party

Then there was this article from Popstar in July 2012


Two notes on that. A) Single, huh?? and B) Seems to me that based on Zayn’s words, Zayn and Liam had been doing a bit of dating themselves this summer while on tour

September brought us the Payzer break up, iTunes (YAY iTunes!!), and Liam shaving his head. But it also brought us…


Ziam shippers love Germany. Adore Germany. We steal away those gifs and videos of Zayn and Liam’s time there like lifelines

What the hell. I can never get enough of these gifs so here, let’s bask in the glory


But did you know Perrie was in Germany with the boys? (X)

And yet, Germany was one of the best times for Ziam moments

Let’s just have the gifs tell this part of the story (the part where Zayn and Liam themselves show us that some of the beards are better liked than others)

Zayn and Liam when Perrie is around


Zayn and Liam when Danielle is around


Let’s repeat that





Ok then

Speaking of the way Zayn and Liam look around the beards…

Beard Day 2012

New York, December 2nd. The day every Larry and Ziam supporter died a bit inside. We’d never seen our boys look so dejected as a whole. They should have been on top of the world with MSG and the Jingle Ball and David Letterman. But instead they were forced out into the streets of New York with beards in tow for fans to swarm them and for HQ pap shots to be taken



And I’m getting myself upset all over again. Because they were miserable!!! I rarely see Zayn giving a smile when in pics with Perrie, but these pics were just heart breaking when combined with the ones from Liam


I just…



Give me a minute…

Oh god, it hurts

Seeing them like this is physically painful. Because we all know that smile that is so Zayn (tongue firmly planted his teeth, the corner quirked up affectionately, and his eyes fucking shining). And it’s just… We don’t…


Even when Zayn is smiling in a pic with Perrie


It just can’t compare to this


or this


or this


[sidebar: And now I’m drowning in a well of tears. Fucking Ziam. Just love each other well, please]


December was really fucking awful for us (and for Zayn and Liam I’m sure). They had to fake their way through the holidays…


You know what? Fuck this.

This post is way long and the more I put it all together, the more annoyed I get. I’m just getting angry and frustrated. Why the hell does Zayn have to hide???



Anyway, Christmas


Their families supposedly spent Christmas together. Give me a fucking break

New Year’s (X)


But why Jack Sparrow you ask instead of a couples costume?


Oh yeah, right

Zayn’s Birthday

Zayn was in Ghana with Liam #nuffsaid

The Zerrie Dog

I’m not even going to touch the subject of the dog more than to say this - Hatchi is just as much Zayn’s dog as this “new” puppy Loki is Liam’s. Pretty sure you can probably hear my eyes rolling all the way in space. Dogs=commitment in our fucked up first world media hungry society, so of course MM is forcing those pics and stories down our throats

Next subject please before my head explodes


Perrie doesn’t have her own twitter. She uses the official Little Mix account to send any and all tweets (if she has a private account no one knows about it). So any tweets between Zayn and Perrie are done through the official Little Mix account. Which, if you follow the boys or Little Mix at all, you will know that MM has complete control over their accounts. You can read an analysis of this here (X)

So why does this prove that Zerrie is fake? In and of itself, it doesn’t. However, it is one more example of how MM is pushing Little Mix. Followers of Zayn and 1D are more likely to follow Little Mix now. Therefore, increasing traffic. Therefore, increasing their market share and visibility. It’s marketing at it’s most simplistic—focus the message. By forcing all the girls onto one account, MM has focused the message to just what they want followers to see, thereby using an existing fanbase to grow the fanbase for Little Mix

Starting to see why I think Zerrie is a publicity stunt?

Then came the publicity stunt that Zayn didn’t see coming…

Cheating Scandal (January 2013)

I don’t have much to say about the cheating scandal that hasn’t already been said. The pic is Zayn from everything I’ve seen, but the source of that photo is where the story gets interesting

If you google the Trump International Hotel in New York there are some eerie similarities to that picture (which means the pic was likely taken by one of the other boys as they do have a penchant for taking pics of each other while sleeping, especially Zayn). But there are two distinct differences in the “cheating” pic and the pictures from Trump Hotel

The lamp


And the color of the bedding


From everything I can see, that is not a lamp or the color of sheets you would generally see in a hotel (believe me, I spend a lot of time traveling) and definitely doesn’t match the pics from Trump’s website. However, both the sheets and the lamp could be photoshopped

So where did the photo come from? If we’re to go by Zayn’s own words (sarcastic or not X) they were likely taken off someone’s phone (and we all know MM has access to everything the boys own, sooooo tinhatting here, Liam’s possibly???)


Don’t let the bitches steal your phone, indeed, Malik

Also of note are the rumors that Perrie was notified of the pics being released before Zayn was. And that she didn’t tell him about it. Why, if they are such good friends, would Perrie not give Zayn a heads up?

Think about this for a minute. If Perrie really is in this relationship to further her career, she would be smart enough to know that a cheating scandal would run rampant through the media and give her and Little Mix much more attention. If she knew and didn’t tell him because she was using the scandal to propel her career forward, then she’s a bitch. But I don’t personally buy into that scenario (edit: I now totally buy into this scenario)

I think the scenario that is much more plausible is that MM told her there would be consequences if she warned Zayn ahead of time. Don’t forget, MM has Perrie just as much by the metaphorical balls as they do the rest of 1D

Either way though, things between Zayn and Perrie seemed to be much more strained after the cheating scandal. Their friends and family kept saying that both Perrie and Zayn were “fine” (which almost always can be translated to mean “not fine at all”)

The BRITs and other bullshit dates (February 2013)

Zayn supposedly bought Perrie a teddy bear (X) and if this is what the paps consider as looking head over heels in love then my notions of romantic love must be really fucked up

They went to a Safari Park and tweeted the fuck out of the entire thing (can anyone say PR stunt?) (X)

Perrie and Zayn didn’t see each other the day of the BRITs until after the show (and maybe not at all, has anyone seen pics of them together after the show?) (X)

Zayn supposedly followed Perrie around on the Little Mix tour of the UK

The break up rumors persisted. And it seemed like both Perrie and Zayn were getting tired of the charades. For fuck’s sake. They’re both traveling the world and performing concerts night after night. As if that isn’t enough of always having to be “on” they also have to fake their lives during their time off, too?

Arrggh it makes me so goddamn mad I lose the ability to can!!!!!!! Just let them live their lives!!!!! For fucks sake!!!!

Grrrrr, anyway

Zayn may not be the only one in Zerrie with a secret though

Which brings us to the life that Perrie may be hiding…

Rumors about Perrie’s sexuality

This one is pure speculation and rumor, but deserves at least a mention. You can read an analysis here of the rumor that Perrie is actually involved with her bff Katherine Spires (X) I have no opinion either way or whether or not this true, but if it is then Zayn and Perrie are in very similar positions and I feel for both of them.

If MM can force the members of 1D to stay in the closet then they definitely wouldn’t hesitate to do that with Little Mix either

Similarities to Payzer

I don’t think there’s any question that at one time Liam was in love with Danielle. There’s too much evidence to refute that fact. But I wholeheartedly believe that Payzer ended because Liam came to terms with his feelings for Zayn. And what MM had with Payzer was a successful formula. Danielle was controllable, had XFactor ties, and her own career to focus on so there weren’t questions when she and Liam weren’t spending time together

Sounds familiar, right?

Danielle was brought back as Liam’s “girlfriend” because MM needed him to appear straight. Zayn and Perrie’s relationship continues for the same reason (she can be controlled, she has her own career, and she’s adding money to MM’s pockets). That Zerrie also increases media attention on Little Mix can’t be repeated often enough. MM has everything to gain in seeing Zerrie splashed all over the media

But just like the Payzer “reunion” people are starting to ask questions

Even Zerrie shippers are starting to wonder just how real Zerrie is…

The Rise of the Showmance

I’ll let this post speak for itself - Is Zerrie Real or a Showmance?

And by far the best post I’ve come across detailing Zayn’s relationships and a really fucking thorough examination of how fake Zerrie is Zerrie can be found here (X)

When the Zerrie shippers start questioning their own ship you know there’s an issue

Which leads us to…

TMH and Ireland (aka The Ziam Lovefest)

The rumors that Perrie and Zayn are on their way to a break up persist despite the MM planted stories that Zayn and Perrie have moved in together *cough*morebullshit*cough*

The TMH tour continues with Liam and Zayn getting more lovey with each other each day (even when their supposed girlfriends are in the audience)


Wow, they just look ecstatic to be there

And Liam and Zayn are pretty much giving no more fucks as they just hole up in hotel rooms together while the rest of the boys go out

In Belfast, fans were told Zayn and Liam were spending time with Danielle and Perrie even though other tweets proved that neither Danielle nor Perrie was even in the country (X)


I think this is just about the appropriate place to insert the requisite


But we see it all, MM. And it’s all adding up to something quite different than what you want to portray

My feelings about Perrie are still evolving. I’ve read the other tumblr accounts of how Zayn can’t stand her anymore and that she’s become vicious and callous towards Zayn and Liam, but that really doesn’t make sense to me. She’s been a beard since the beginning and has benefited greatly from it. It appears at one time that Zayn and she were friends, so why would she risk her golden girl image by being publicly awful to him? She has everything to gain by being the “poor misunderstood stand by her man” woman that gave her a ratings boost after the cheating scandal

And if there is any truth to the rumors that Perrie and Katherine are an item, then both Zayn and Perrie are trapped in this showmance. I can see both of them becoming increasingly frustrated with hiding their respective real relationships, which would definitely lead to public outbursts and the generally sour faces they both seem to be sporting anytime they’re seen together

Regardless, what I can see (and sympathize with) is that Perrie has to be nearing the end of her patience. If I was Perrie I would be tired as fuck of being portrayed as the bimbo who keeps forgiving her cheating boyfriend and going back to him. It has to be just insulting to be forced into that role. Especially since management is the one giving Zayn that image. We all know Zayn is as much a Bradford Bad Boy as Harry is a womanizer (read: which is not fucking at all)

There’s been a lot of talk lately with the source close to Zayn answering questions on trulymadlylarry’s blog, and I’ll let you all read through those answers and make your own judgements. But whichever way you go on it, one thing is clear. Zayn is sick of her being forced on him, Perrie is sick of being forced on him, and an orchestrated “break up” is most likely on the way

For the love of fucking god, I hope so. Just let our boys be free already

[as always, if I missed any credits or need to correct something let me know. thx!! xx]

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