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[A/N: This is the longest Ziam masterpost I have ever done. Believe me, I was shocked when it turned out that way. Lots of ground to cover apparently. Anyway, I am in no way pretending that I’m not biased in this post. Duh. Did you see my blog name? So please, if you’re a hardcore Payzer shipper or Danielle defender, leave your arguments to the contrary on your page. Trust me, I’m not going on your tag or to your ask box to defend Ziam. Please have the same respect here. Contrary to what it may seem like, I’m an actual person—who ships the fuck out of Ziam—but real nonetheless.]

So, we cool?

The Payzer and Ziam Timelines

Jebus help me. I’m going there


Let’s do this

June 23, 2010 - 1D Day

Aka the day the band we all know and love and obsess to the point of insanity over was born.

This is the best day in the fandom. It all goes downhill from here. (Joking but not LOL)

September 2010

The XFactor starts airing in the UK. The boys get closer. They move along in the competition. They end up losing. We all know that part, right? While filming the boys meet a dancer on the show named Danielle Peazer. She (reportedly) has an interest in Zayn first, but he isn’t interested, so she moves on to Liam. Take that for what you will.


Right then

December 2010ish

The exact date Danielle and Liam started dating is not known (at least that I could find) but it was sometime around December 2010. At the time, Liam was 17 and Danielle was 22. No judgment there, just pointing out facts.

Nowwww, allow me to take a long jump into the future. I’m going to skip completely over 2011. That year definitely had Ziam moments, which feel more like bromance than romance, imho. Even the Bravo Portugal article in which Zayn confesses that he and Liam have kissed. I tend to think it was probably relatively innocent or at least more of testing the waters, but still probably way way way hot.


They’ve kissed


Still skipping over 2011, cause there was a lot of mushy Danielle and Liam stuff which I’d just rather… not



Onward and forward

Or whatever

Here’s where we get to the interesting bits

March 2012

In March we have two completely unrelated events, but both involving Liam and his relationships

First, Zayn has to leave the tour for a death in the family. He’s only gone a couple of days, but Liam apparently loses his way a bit without Zayn there


Two weeks later we get this:


Around the same time, rumors start up that Danielle is cheating on Liam and a furor rises on Twitter. Danielle gets lots of hate mail (which let me categorically state is not cool ever) and Liam defends his gf (sidebar: he’s so fucking loyal). If you go by his public postings, he’s not buying that Danielle has cheated on him. In fact, Danielle tweets a pic of the two of them spending time together (X).

April 2012

(EDIT: Check out this updated post on the mark Liam was sporting in Oz)

The boys head to Australia and New Zealand. And among many other gorgeous fucking pictures, we get this on April 23rd (which is still one of my favorite Ziam gifs of all time)


And this sweeeeettt (oh my god call the dentist sickly sugary) moment



While Ziam was joking about having a pet turtle together (see the full gif set here X), the real turtle was having it’s foot eaten off while under Danielle’s care (X). Again, no judgment, just stating facts.

Jfc, I’m going to get soooo much hate mail

Okay, let’s continue

End of April beginning of May-ish

Liam and Danielle vacation in Florida at Universal Studios. Most of the pics are fan photos taken of them walking. As usual, they stay out of the spotlight for the most part.

May 2012

The boys head back to UK then go to Sweden and start recording Take Me Home.

Of most note in this month, and a fact that CANNOT BE REPEATED LOUDLY OR OFTEN ENOUGH

Last First Kiss is written by Liam, Zayn, and Captain Tommo

Did you catch that?

The writing credits for Last First Kiss are




Uh fucking huh

Noooooowwww how do you feel about those gifs of Zayn and Liam singing Last First Kiss to each other on TMH??? Punch in the throat? Maybe the feels?? Yeop. You’re welcome.

May 24, 2012

The US UAN Tour starts

Where Ziam begins to break free

Thank fucking Jebus

June 2012

I’m going to take this month date by date instead of as a whole because it’s so important

June 9 – Vegas (aka the concert where Liam grovels at Zayn’s feet while Danielle is in the audience)


June 10 – Danielle’s birthday. More importantly, Danielle stays in the States from June 9-15 traveling to the shows and apparently Liam buys her a car (X)

June 11 – Liam announces he and Danielle have moved in together (X)

June 15 – Danielle leaves to go home, and 1D performs a concert in Oakland (check out minute 1:03 here (X))

Where suddenly SHOCKINGLY (okay not shockingly at ALL, Danielle was gone after all) Zayn is happy again and singing to Liam


June 24 – Houston

Aka the boys know it’s going down. Just look at Lou and Harry grin at Ziam. Then Harry points off to the side of the stage to Lou as if the two of them should give Zayn and Liam their privacy - while they’re in front of tens of thousands of people. Oh, Harry. You are too sweet.


June 27 – Wild Atlanta Interview


June 29 – Tampa


Sooooo you seeing something emerging here?

It’s still subtle

I think they were still trying to figure it out

Then August happened

And Liam had some decisions to make…

August 2012

The heat of summer and Liam’s birthday month brought a 1D outing to the V Festival which was conspicuously less 1/5. Everyone attended the Festival—including Eleanor and Danielle—everyone except Zayn (X). (EDIT: It’s possible Harry was not at the V Festival either, see this anon ask X)

A couple weeks later, Danielle threw Liam a blowout bday bash at the Funky Buddha (X) and everyone attended, right? Um, nope. This gathering was minus Zayn and Louis (X)(X). My guess? Danielle said Zayn wasn’t welcome. And Louis opted not to attend because of that. Like a good Captain. Total and utter conjecture on my part. But idgaf. It makes sense.

You know why?

Okay, let’s lay this out there now

Stop dancing around it

OMFG I did NOT just use that metaphor

For fuck’s sake


Zayn and Danielle have never gotten along

Never liked each other

Never bothered to interact

Want to show me evidence to the contrary?

I’d looooove to see them being chummy

I’m waiting…

Can’t find it???


That, my friends, is because

They don’t like each other


They’re competing for the beautiful, talented, quirky, loving Liam James Payne

Got that? This whole thing is really that simple

Let’s move on

Then we had the 1D twitcam of August 30th and Zayn licking Liam’s arm, Louis calling Liam out for not answering the phone on his bday, and the boys stripping Liam


All around a worthwhile use of 20 minutes (X)

But the point is, Lou’s sassy ass was obviously calling Liam out for his bullshit. And Zayn did too. Quietly, but he did it. They all knew things were changing and Liam needed to get the fuck with the program and choose one over the other.



He did in September…

September 2012

Can you hear the angels singing???? I don’t know what the last straw was (did she walk in on them? Did Liam just end it?? Did she end it???) and I don’t care, but in September Danielle moved out. Their breakup went public Sept 26th (X) (X), but in the meantime…


iTunes on September 21st


Germany on September 25th 


There were rumors that Liam was dating Leona Lewis but oh hell no, he was happily exploring Zayn’s expanding array of tattoos—of which Liam would soon start collecting himself…

October 2012

October brought a newly shaved head for Liam (that Zayn just couldn’t resist touching ALL THE FUCKING TIME) and Liam’s first tattoo on October 13th, and then the infamous trip to the gay club with Captain Tommo and the Spain (YES!!! SPAIN!!!!) interview of mutual caresses (check out my other masterposts for info on all of those).

Liam was happy

Zayn was happy

And we thought there was no way it would get better…

November 2012

So November brought Zayn getting a new tattoo (with Lou) while wearing a shirt that probably had nothing to do with Liam’s ex-gf (X) and that her twitter page just happens to mention that she dances for the cool kids.


I’m totally not laughing

But Liam seemed pretty smiley that day :D

he he he


This happened


And this (aka the video where Lou outs Larry and Ziam in under one minute (X)


And for the love of all that is fucking dirty and wrong, this happened


You can read more about all those events in this other masterpost



Can you hear me giving a gigantic sigh of defeat??


Then this happened…

December 2012

Beard Day

*dun dun dun*

Just look at the smile on Liam’s face!! He’s so happy to be back with his girlfriend!! It’s the best day ever!! They’re so in love!!

Wait, what did you say?

Oh yeah, right

This is how it went down


I don’t think I need to say anything else about that clusterfuck of a day

Sooo pretty much after that it was obvious MM had picked up on the Ziam feels. There was nooooo Ziam like we had in September through November


Some subtle things that maaayy have been Ziam-ish, but who the fuck really knows?

Yeah, that month pretty much sucked ass

And not in the good way

Wow this post is so fucking long…

I’m getting tired. Anybody else want a drink of water? A snack?? We’re almost done here, I promise

January 2013

So yeah January happened

Liam supposedly sent Danielle flowers that she tweeted about, but who the fuck knows if that really happened or if they were a gift from someone at Modest who probably didn’t even bother to try and fake Liam’s writing. They really don’t try as hard as they could, you know? Juuuuuust enough to get by.

Neither Liam or Danielle has officially stated anywhere that they are dating again

We had a mind-blowing Ziam moment in Japan


There was this little incident, a cheating “scandal” I guess you could call it, with Zayn. I think you all have heard about now. Bottom line of that one? Pics were of Zayn but he did not do that chick. And not because he’s faithful to Perrie (don’t get me wrong, I have an inkling to like her, I think she knows what’s going on and genuinely cares for Zayn. Just my opinion though).

February 2013

Danielle made Liam go to dinner with her instead of Liam watching the SuperBowl with his dad like he has for years (don’t even get me started on that one (X))

The video for One Way or Another came out (BWAAHAHAHAH bad choice of words, but sooooo appropriate) and the tour started and we are just being INUNDATED with Ziam goodness.

So that brings us to the present day. We all know the current sitch. Danielle is still around *eyeroll* and Ziam is all lovey on the TMH tour, breaking all of our shipper hearts as we collectively beg for them just to fucking kiss in public already.

Pfft. Still think it’s not an unreasonable request.

Who knows how long Danielle will be kept on the payroll. It looks like the beard thing may be wearing all the boys’ patience at this point. Annnnd with that, I need to be wrap up this post, or I’m going to start ranting about gay rights, and freedom to live your life, and happiness, and true love, and how scary it is to come out, and the complications they face, and how they’re going to have to be really strong, and then I’ll start to cry…


Now I’m done

For now :D

MAJOR FUCKING EDIT: As of May 4th, Payzer is motherfucking over AGAIN. Thank jebus. (X)

(this was a alot of fucking information, so if I got anything wrong or need to add a credit somewhere—which is likely—please let me know. Thx!! xx)

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