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Even if you don’t ship Ziam, you ship Ziam.

Everyone does really.

Part 1 of 3.


Even though Louis is the captain of the SS Ziam, all of the boys ship Zayn and Liam



You’re not the only one, Harry. And look at that fucker Liam just giggle it up.


Yes, Liam is making sure to assert his claim by touching Zayn while Louis professes his love, but (more importantly for this one) watch Niall. Niall looks at Louis (and he’s grinning, grinning) Louis says I love you, Niall looks at Zayn (like what? huh…), Zayn says that he loves Louis too, and Niall’s head snaps to Liam to see his reaction. Poor Liam is able to hold onto his smile, but watch how frantically he’s rubbing Zayn’s head.

Oh sweetie. Zayn loves you, too.


So Liam says “we’re going to eat our dessert before dinner” (while he’s looking directly at Zayn, sweet baby jebus help me). Zayn smirks, Louis freezes in an uncomfortable grin, and Niall with a completely straight face looks to Zayn like well, what do you think? As if it’s perfectly normal for one of your best mates to insinuate to one of your other best mates that they are going to eat each other for dessert.

So not okay, for your information.

Unless we get pics.

Then we’re cool.

Sidebar: Pretty sure this is what was going through Zayn’s head at that moment


And now Captain Tommo. I could dedicate dozens of posts to Louis and his love for the SS Ziam (he’ll show up a lot in Part 2)


Awww Captain Tommo is so proud of his ship, look at him smile ^^^


Plenty has been said about Zayn’s disgust reaction to Liam’s answer here that he would see his girlfriend if he had 24 hours left to live. But let’s not miss Louis’ smirk reaction either. Watch Louis this time:


You can see how hard it is for Louis to not respond. With something that no doubt would be along the lines of “Bullshit!”


More of Louis’ reactions to his ship



But sometimes Louis is completely blatant in pushing Liam and Zayn together


Like in this video ^^^. Yes, Liam you need to kiss your “neighbor” (*winkwinknudgenudge* Zayn is standing next to you, get it?) for New Year’s Eve.

Btw, I’m sorry, but how is this video (X) not on my dashboard every single fucking day????????????? It has Ziam and Larry. Just oooooozes gay love. I just… Urgh. I’m not even going to get into it now. This shit deserves a frame by frame analysis.

Well, I know what I’m doing tomorrow.



Harry knows you’re not talking about “socks” here, Liam. Good try though.

Then of course we have Harry to thank for this:



And for a collective sigh of happiness from shippers.


Really, Harry? Cause it kinda made me sob. Asshole.


Or there’s Niall. Helping the boyfriends get a bit closer.


But can we just talk about this again? Please?

Halloween 2012. Captain Tommo taking Ziam to a gay club in Italy.

There’s an amazing analysis of it here (X).

But let me repeat that one. Slowly.









Sorry, Li. You and Zayn may think you’ve got this under wraps. But you’re really not fooling anybody.



I’ll post Part 2 in the next couple days.

(Lots of love to endlesslyziam for links, gifs, and being so obsessively observant! You’re awesome! xx)

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