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Have you seen the photo of Liam and Safaa at Zayn's birthday? They are sweeeet. :'D
zappowziamfeelsbomb zappowziamfeelsbomb Said:


safaa ??  you mean this ??


this is zayn’s cousin i believe !! but yeah it’s soooo sweet that i want scream 


You & I  - 2 days to go


This is one of our best songs - Liam 💕

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Au Meme: Five socially awkward teenagers become the biggest boyband in the world and take over your entire life.

Oh shit, wait.


the stars came falling on our heads (on Ao3)
Pairing: Zayn Malik x Liam Payne (mild Harry Styles x Louis Tomlinson)
Rating: Explicit

Summary: and it’s not until later, in the same bed, he realizes everything in his life moves quite backwards because you’re supposed to fall in love first before someone can break your heart but Liam – he makes Zayn feel that way: heartbroken just before falling head over heels.

(Re: Their lives might be changing - and Liam might be too - but there’s something constant: Zayn can’t fall out of love with him)

He wakes somewhere in the middle of the night with Liam wedged up to his spine, an auxiliary arm thrown over Zayn’s hip and their toes kept warm by a snoring Niall – and he doesn’t remember when Niall crawled into their bed but he knows his lungs constrict around the way he’s certain this is their bed – and the television muted.

There’s a smile smoothed against the highest knob on his neck, shaggy hair tickling his skin, and his own fingers tighten into the sheets when he thinks about it. They flex and curl and his entire body relaxes against Liam. He’s floating but still so heavy against these strange sheets and it hits him –

It’s just four words and they imprint into his bones until he thinks of that one song his older sister played for hours after her first real breakup.

And he can’t help but think of Liam and the world gets a little smaller on the ‘I loved you first’ sitting at the back of his throat and singlehandedly ruining him just that quickly.

Dedicated to anyone who’s ever waited for the one you were in love with to finally love you back.

Saaaaaaaaam, i missed you!!!
zappowziamfeelsbomb zappowziamfeelsbomb Said:

HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!! yeah, im so sorry ive been away so much. was necessary, but oh so hard. will be away more, not going to lie. but i’ve resisted the urge to shut this blog down. just doesn’t seem right since im still as smitten with ziam as always. and welllll…. TOUR SOON! how are you????? writing??? <3 xx

I usually come across a lot of Larry girls who don't ship Ziam at all and then they eventually saw it was just as true. But my fellow Ziam shippers think Larry is not even a reliable bromance,what do you think I could tell them?
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some people are going to see it, some aren’t. i personally don’t know how you could NOT see larry. well, unless, you’re new to the fandom… it’s hard to deny what was there from the beginning. imho :D xx

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so i just finished where wishes go and i honestly really really liked it. i thought it was really cute and i cried multiple times.but theres definitely a few parts i was kinda upset about. it kinda had a really abrupt ending. and throughout the story, katie kept talking about wishes and how they wont come true if you tell and i figured that would play a big part in like an epilogue of them grown up. also miri. does she get better? i cause im just sad bc i ddint want it to end. it was amazing tho
zappowziamfeelsbomb zappowziamfeelsbomb Said:

it’s not over :D thanks so much, love!! xx

Hey you gonna complete the fic??
zappowziamfeelsbomb zappowziamfeelsbomb Said:

yep :) just taking care of that life thing for the moment. keeping my brain unscrambled has taken priority. but yeah, for sure. it will all be posted at one time. just over 30k… xx

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Why do you have to be so freakin awesome dammit?!!! My sanity was already in pieces when Larry came and took over my life and NOW YOU ADD THE GLORIOUS GLORIOUS PERFECTION THAT IS ZIAM!! FML
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welcome :D you’re among friends here <3 <3 <3 xx

hiiii i just wonder what kind of camera did you use on your one direction concert? x
zappowziamfeelsbomb zappowziamfeelsbomb Said:

panasonic lumix dmc-zs5 :D xx

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HI! Are you still working on Where Wishes Go? Just wondering.
zappowziamfeelsbomb zappowziamfeelsbomb Said:

yep :) I’m going to publish all of it in one posting xx